Postpartum Blues – A Summary Of Lessons Learnt

The reason I am composing this all of a sudden is because I met a close friend and her newborn princess yesterday. They are in the pink of health but Dr.H and I sensed subtle traces of Postpartum Blues in the mother which flashed in front of our eyes my very own story that happened... Continue Reading →


5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Homemaker

The most unceremoniously underrated position in the world is the role of a housewife. The chores we undertake are plainly boring, monotonous and never-ending, therefore our lives are deemed mundane (sometimes by others, most often by ourselves) which only intensifies our phlegmatic attitude on the tasks to be taken charge of. Yes, I cannot deny... Continue Reading →

Celebrate this Independence Day for a BIGGER reason

A child's first phase of education inaugurates at home. I'm no exception. Pre-equipped with the needed dose of knowledge in alphabets and numbers, surviving the kindergarten days was a cake-walk for me. Besides, our teachers weren't so demanding like the ones these days. They accepted us for who we were and never pressurized... FOLLOW divya... Continue Reading →

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