Snippet #33 Just Toddler Things

Visuals courtesy: Giphy, Unsplash I wake up on time, sometimes even before the alarm goes off, just to ensure I'm beside mommy. She is fast asleep. Why bother her? May be I should rip this diaper off myself. PLONK! Upon mommy's cherubic face falls the loaded diaper worth a kilogram, leaving a wet stain as... Continue Reading →


STAR RENDEZVOUS With Mrs.Prisha Lalwani

Say hi! to the super-mom behind one of the most amazingly successful parenting blogs in India -Mummasaurus. Mrs.Prisha Lalwani is a mom of twin boys whose musings and parental experiments enliven her blog everyday. She is formerly a psychologist and is currently a renowned blogger and graphology enthusiast. I'm pleased and honored to have her... Continue Reading →


Thank you! inaloveworld for the nomination. Dear readers, I recommend you to visit her site for the following reasons: Her articles invoke optimistic feelings about life and everything else that influences it. She has a great list of inspirational movies that is sure to fascinate you. Are you a quotes lover? If yes, inaloveworld is... Continue Reading →

#GuestPost 12 Must-Haves For Every Pregnant Woman

Guest Post by Tash When you are pregnant, pretty much every second of the nine months (which feels like both the longest and shortest time all at once!) is devoted to the impending arrival of your bundle of joy, and oftentimes we overlook our actual pregnancy and the needs that accompany it. There is simply... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award – My First Award!!!

There is this old dictum, " Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.. " Couldn't deny this a bit. If time permits, I will not hesitate to write a separate article on this quote, but now is not the right time, because I HAVE A GREAT NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU... Continue Reading →

Monthly Favorites – July 2018

Before you could squeeze my throat and question me for the overdue (for which I have no strong reason to say, except erm.. laziness?), let me apologise for posting this so late. But not too late, you gotta appreciate me for that. In addition to the Big Birthday, I've an intriguing assortment of July-made incidents... Continue Reading →

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