Daily Three…

From here. Name Three Cold things? Snow, popsicles, tap water during winter. Hot things? Chai, coffee, sambhar. Boy's names beginning with Z? Zaheer, Zach, Zelotes. I had to browse for the third name and this is what I learnt - Zelotes means green, new, fresh, innocent. Hello, I'm Zelotes. What are you? A green-pea sprout?... Continue Reading →


Snippet #4 What’s Wrong With Me????

Okay. Before I proceed, here's the disclaimer: This post has been intentionally tagged 'Uncategorized' because the rants fit nowhere else. If you have accidentally landed here (the title is rigid and to the point. Yet, just saying) looking for optimistic remarks on life, this post is NOT for you. Dear ladies, please refrain from reading... Continue Reading →

The Different Types Of Moms Around Us

Every mom is different, so is their lifestyle. Even no two stay-at-home mommas have a similar routine, there are so many factors that influence each mom to be unique in parenting their kids. However, this post lists down certain characteristics of mothers in general, that are sure to remind you of atleast a couple of... Continue Reading →

Mommyversary Special – A Summary Of Lessons Learnt

Baby D celebrated his first birthday last weekend and I am still oh so excited about it. The same day also marks my first mommyversary, a feat that should be truly cherished and celebrated. From being a prudently watchful, helpless first-time mom, I gradually transformed into a more confident, mentally stronger super-mommy who never hesitates... Continue Reading →

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