#GuestPost Toddlers And Brushing- My Story, My Tips!!

Guest Post by Dr.Deepti Jain   It was only 6th month of experiencing motherhood and I saw a pearly white edge in Baby A’s little mouth. Being a dentist, I straightaway knew it was his first tooth popping out. He had always defied the laws with milestones and so was with the chronology of tooth eruption... Continue Reading →


Snippet #19 தங்கிலீஷில் ஒரு பதிவு!

"என்ன நீ , தமிழ் படம் பார்ப்பே , தமிழ் சாங்ஸ் கேட்பே , தமிழில் தான் பேசவும் செய்யுற . ஆனா தமிழ் ல ஒரு Snippet கூட போட மாட்டுறியே " என்று வீடுக்காரர் ஒரு தினுசாய் சுட்டி காட்ட , "அட! ஆமா ல! ஏன் ஒரு தமிழ் பதிவை publish பண்ண கூடாது" என்று ஏனோ எனக்கும் தோன்றியது . (Spoiler alert!) ஆனால் எப்படி எழுதுவது என்ன எழுதுவது என்று... Continue Reading →

Snippet #18 Thayir Sadam

One of Dr.H's colleagues who works as a pharmacist in the hospital is getting a transfer tomorrow. Tonight this pharmacist guy has pledged his co-workers a dinner party to rassasy their paunches with out-of -the-world cuisines sans hooch. When the sun had set and moonlight shone, our car whizzed past the street leaving baby D... Continue Reading →

STAR RENDEZVOUS With Anjana Rangan

The celebrity guest of today's Star Rendezvous is Sun music fame Anjana Rangan. She is one of the most popular anchors in the Tamil television industry and has hosted a wide variety of TV shows, Award events and various Industry relation programmes. She debuted her career with Sun Music where she hosted various programmes like... Continue Reading →

STAR RENDEZVOUS With Mrs.Prisha Lalwani

Say hi! to the super-mom behind one of the most amazingly successful parenting blogs in India -Mummasaurus. Mrs.Prisha Lalwani is a mom of twin boys whose musings and parental experiments enliven her blog everyday. She is formerly a psychologist and is currently a renowned blogger and graphology enthusiast. I'm pleased and honored to have her... Continue Reading →

5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Homemaker

The most unceremoniously underrated position in the world is the role of a housewife. The chores we undertake are plainly boring, monotonous and never-ending, therefore our lives are deemed mundane (sometimes by others, most often by ourselves) which only intensifies our phlegmatic attitude on the tasks to be taken charge of. Yes, I cannot deny... Continue Reading →

CCV? No, Thank you.

When the Universe around continues to fall head over heels in love with Manirathnam's Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (CCV), here I'm, superficially glued to my bundle of joy and his toys. All is well, Touchwood! The only downside is, I get a feeling that I have been relentlessly momzoned. ««»» I was a stalwart moviebuff before... Continue Reading →

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