Ultrasound Scans and Pregnancy

Ultrasound Scanning and Pregnancy go hand-in-hand. In India, from confirming the pregnancy to checking the cord around the baby's neck, ultrasound scans play a major role in ensuring the health of the baby inside the womb. A minimum of 4 scans ( Positive pregnancy confirmation scan, NT scan, Anomaly scan and Third trimester MBPP scan) … Continue reading Ultrasound Scans and Pregnancy

My Travel Tales – Stanmore Bungalow

Last Saturday, we visited the Stanmore Bungalow, which is located at the hills of  Valparai. We had other exquisite hill stations on list, but we zeroed in on Valparai after being assured a lucrative deal. We had to drive through 40 hairpin bends to reach Valparai. The jaw-dropping views and refreshing climate made the drive enjoyable. … Continue reading My Travel Tales – Stanmore Bungalow