#MeToo – My Two Cents

Every morning, my scalding chai turns cold as I begin to catch up on the trending stories hash tagged #MeToo. Now that my life is forcibly tied to the social media, most of the time I do not have the option of being oblivious to it. I'm not here to take sides for people or... Continue Reading →


Two Things That I Truly Cherish

My driving lessons have come to an end. Which means, no more Blobby tales in our blog hereafter. I returned home a bit earlier than usual because of the sun. Everyone else loved today's yellow mellow pleasant weather. Everyone, except me. The beautiful puddles along the road sides are all gone, leaves have stopped dripping... Continue Reading →

CCV? No, Thank you.

When the Universe around continues to fall head over heels in love with Manirathnam's Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (CCV), here I'm, superficially glued to my bundle of joy and his toys. All is well, Touchwood! The only downside is, I get a feeling that I have been relentlessly momzoned. ««»» I was a stalwart moviebuff before... Continue Reading →

Celebrate this Independence Day for a BIGGER reason

A child's first phase of education inaugurates at home. I'm no exception. Pre-equipped with the needed dose of knowledge in alphabets and numbers, surviving the kindergarten days was a cake-walk for me. Besides, our teachers weren't so demanding like the ones these days. They accepted us for who we were and never pressurized... FOLLOW divya... Continue Reading →

The Different Types Of Moms Around Us

Every mom is different, so is their lifestyle. Even no two stay-at-home mommas have a similar routine, there are so many factors that influence each mom to be unique in parenting their kids. However, this post lists down certain characteristics of mothers in general, that are sure to remind you of atleast a couple of... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

My little one has outgrown the baby phase already. I'm pleasantly startled by the day-to-day changes in his social and cognitive development. I enjoy watching baby D explore the world on his own pair of curious feet, he can now toddle with a little support from steadily-standing furniture or people. Blogworthy incidents happen here at... Continue Reading →

My Travel Tales – Stanmore Bungalow

Last Saturday, we visited the Stanmore Bungalow, which is located at the hills of  Valparai. We had other exquisite hill stations on list, but we zeroed in on Valparai after being assured a lucrative deal. We had to drive through 40 hairpin bends to reach Valparai. The jaw-dropping views and refreshing climate made the drive enjoyable.... Continue Reading →

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