Snippet #20 Seasonal Impressions

October. The month that inaugurates an extravaganza of festivals until the new year kicks in. I couldn't help but travel back to my teen epoch to reminisce how my favourite festival engraved its fingerprint on my life. When I was a kid, Diwali was the festival, my brother L and I always looked forward to.... Continue Reading →


Two Things That I Truly Cherish

My driving lessons have come to an end. Which means, no more Blobby tales in our blog hereafter. I returned home a bit earlier than usual because of the sun. Everyone else loved today's yellow mellow pleasant weather. Everyone, except me. The beautiful puddles along the road sides are all gone, leaves have stopped dripping... Continue Reading →

Snippet #6 Vanity Fire

The flavor of the day (and this post) is vanity. Should I continue to pen down my transient narcissistic personality or not? Beats me, I'm going to. 😀 ※※※※ A college friend of mine who was also my roommate for a while in Chennai pinged me after a God-only-knows-how-long gap. She is just like me,... Continue Reading →

Monthly Favorites – July 2018

Before you could squeeze my throat and question me for the overdue (for which I have no strong reason to say, except erm.. laziness?), let me apologise for posting this so late. But not too late, you gotta appreciate me for that. In addition to the Big Birthday, I've an intriguing assortment of July-made incidents... Continue Reading →

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