8 Proven Ways To Manage Anxiety And Mood Swings

Before I jump into details, let me tell you this. All the eight practical tips I have mentioned below are tried and tested in my own life. I'm wired in a complex manner that keeps me in an adrenalin rush for most part of the day. Palpitation is my middle name and Stress - I... Continue Reading →


#GuestPost Toddlers And Brushing- My Story, My Tips!!

Guest Post by Dr.Deepti Jain   It was only 6th month of experiencing motherhood and I saw a pearly white edge in Baby A’s little mouth. Being a dentist, I straightaway knew it was his first tooth popping out. He had always defied the laws with milestones and so was with the chronology of tooth eruption... Continue Reading →

Snippet #18 Thayir Sadam

One of Dr.H's colleagues who works as a pharmacist in the hospital is getting a transfer tomorrow. Tonight this pharmacist guy has pledged his co-workers a dinner party to rassasy their paunches with out-of -the-world cuisines sans hooch. When the sun had set and moonlight shone, our car whizzed past the street leaving baby D... Continue Reading →

Snippet #3 Meet Dr.Google

Meet Dr.Google who is prompt and nice, He listens so well and acts too wise. Greet Dr.Google who says things straight, Never let him coddle, he's not always right. Rich Dr.Google who treats your fever for free, All he needs is Wifi, to be on check-up spree. Thanks Dr.Google, I find remedies at home, Don't... Continue Reading →

How To Battle Postpartum Depression – A Mom’s Guide To Mindfulness

Disclaimer : The author shares her own postpartum experience of her first pregnancy. The statements and recommendations are devoid of any medical proof. Okay, the disclaimer gives a seriously terrific effect to this post but let me assure you, none of the lines that follow hold any nail-biting incidents. In fact, it is the exact... Continue Reading →

Healthy Late Night Snacks

When a mom meets another, the most frequently asked question is "Does your kid sleep through the night?" Basically, it's the only thing we expect from our little ones after dedicating literally the entire time to run errands for them. However, It is not unusual for babies to stay super-active at night, especially in the... Continue Reading →

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