Snippet #22 Look Who Is Back!

I know I should have officially called it a hiatus before decamping. What do you know, I even had plans to compose an exclusive post for the announcement.

Thereupon, a list of what-ifs popped up from nowhere, insisting me not to make a big deal about the blog break, for I was partly sure of updating this holy space even amidst the four back-to-back auspicious ceremonies I had to attend last week.

Obviously, I couldn’t blog as I thought I would, so, erm.., it’s high time I should apologise for my unannounced absence. *Sorry*, especially my friends B and J, who called and pinged respectively to ensure my existence. I’m back! I hope you imagined my super-excited face (stuffed with copious subcutaneous fat) saying that. Come, let’s animate this sanctuary together yet again.

Forgive my social ineptitude, I see there are too many ‘I’ statements in this post.

Well, let me end the trail with an imperative confession and a question for which I demand an answer from everyone of you.




A writer shouldn’t say this. But I couldn’t help myself but divulge the truth that I really am running out of right words to describe how much I missed logging in to WP the whole week.




How have you been?



I can’t wait anymore to dive into the rhetorical shenanigans and experience WordPress induced adrenaline rush in my vacuous soul. Are you in?

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