Merry Motherhood has received a total 11k views this month!!!!!

I am so glad this is happening because the feeling of being acknowledged can be learnt by a blogger only through their blog’s stats. Thank you so much for being a part of my happy space. This means a lot to me. Not a day goes by without visiting the WordPress world which instantly pacifies my mind like mom would do. My motto of life, “When nothing goes right, go left” has now changed to “When nothing goes right, GO WRITE!”.

I live the life of a typical Indian stay-at-home mom. The bliss of being with the kid all day and night is heartwarming and real. So is the stress that comes with it. With a divine dose of humor, the raw snapshot of my everyday musings have been presented to the readers till date. The snippets and rants of September are very well received, now I’m sort of perplexed. Should I continue writing just the snippets? Or focus on more book reviews like some of my friends suggest? Or both? With more parenting tips? Please do comment below, if you have any relevant suggestions in mind. Anyway, it’s time to add more units to Merry Motherhood, for I want you to stay hooked here forever and survive on the verbal savories I deliver.

In addition to the consistently increasing views, our blog is gaining followers day by day (thank you so much, you guys!). I would like to mark this much awaited milestone and expand the horizons of our space by adding a new series titled “Star Rendezvous“, where interesting, extraordinary and enthusiastic mommies from various parts of the world will be featured, one at a time.

I hope you are as excited as I am, to welcome new people into this blog cabana that we have been joyfully building together so far.

Read the first episode of Star Rendezvous here.

Tons of love,


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