Snippet #11 Knock knock??

The 24 hour break from WordPress has really pissed me off and the temporary absence is for a reason worth mentioning. Baby D had his head tonsured yesterday. Now that his head is polished, his eyes look bigger and prominent than before. His ears which were inconveniently camouflaged under the detangled curls for over an year are finally granted the independence they have been longing for. His new avatar is as enticing as the old one, except that the over-exposed north pole has to be over-protected from bumps and thumps hereafter.

Acceptance of this added responsibility – Check!

I wanted to sharpen my cursor and bang out between today’s breakfast and lunch deadlines. The Universe did surprise me by generously offering a 2 hour break in the afternoon, when baby D crawled into the slumberland. But instead of weaving the words, I greedily hit the bed myself so that I’d not beef about missing a nap later.

After catching up on some sleep, I woke up with my organs super recharged to run behind the child for the rest of the day. In another few minutes, the placid mind cringed at the realisation of missing out on the self-laid deadline of posting the day’s article in Merry Motherhood. Ironically, I received a notification from WP congratulating me for posting continuously for the last 8 days.

Really? Keep up the good work?

Are you trying to sarcastically poke me for not showing up on the ninth day? Or is it just my schedule-maniac head that is acting crazy?

Dear WordPress, you cannot disagree the fact that I’ve been too loyal to my readers (and to you) for the past week that I deserve a proxy attendance on my 24 hour absence so that I could continue to receive your prosaic appreciation I’m obsessed with! Do you hear me???

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