Snippet #10 Chaos, Come Back Home!

My bundle of joy is violently silent since morning. He behaves like a stark antithesis of the baby D I am familiar with.


I switched off the TV – he silently crawled towards his toys without displaying any signs of frustration. No hysterical cries or sighs. Nothing.


After a series of commendable efforts, he pushed aside the crib that was blocking a switch board and fervidly elevated his bum and body towards the case and began licking it. I debarked captaining my kitchen, swirled like a storm and pulled the kid’s collar till the tip of my nose and took him to the kitchen for an improved micromanagement. Baby D, in contrast to his nature of throwing temper tantrums, exhibited no such flare-ups and sat like a silent cat in the kitchen. He didn’t whinge a bit.


After a minute or two, he daintily moved towards the refrigerator and then the cupboard. As he attempted to flick its keys, baby D lost balance and tumped over. Upon hearing the thud, my heart almost stopped beating and I rushed towards him in panic. Baby D quickly resumed the posture on his own and continued jingling the cupboard keys. My eyes remained round with eyelids goosebumped in shock.


The dramatic calmness is bothering me. I’m glad (fiction fiction, ahem ahem) that the house is finally calming down on its own but why the change, all of a sudden? Did his lachrymal glands go on a vacation or is this a sign of growing up?

6 hours sans tantrums or hissy fits and do I feel great about it? Well, no. The screaming silence is nearly deafening my state of mind. I alienate myself from the emotional feeling called peace for its transient nature and set no expectations or hopes about holding on to it. Noise is our norm, tantrums – our trademark. The permanence of their existence makes everyday challenging and equally exciting. I hope the household resumes its hubbub state soon. I’ll keep you posted 😀

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