Snippet #9 The Silent Rescuer

2:10 AM: Baby D crawls in a disturbingly overactive manner. My eyelids droop and eyes wane like an unattractive moon. The yellow light begins to blur, the white noise from fan fades into a mysterious whirlpool of silence.

2:16 AM: I startle back to consciousness after an intensely alarming squeak from baby D, who now looks a bit exhausted than before. I put him in the cradle and rock.

2:17 AM – 2:18 AM: Kid laughs, shouts, babbles, kicks and even tries to somersault from within.

I usually find each of the aforementioned activities of baby D cute (I mean, who doesn’t want their little one to laugh, babble or attempt to roll like a ball?! They add more meaning to our lives, agreed!), UNLESS all of them happen inside the cradle in the middle of every night, while the rest of the world (which includes the other half) is happily hibernating in their nest.

2:19 AM: Kid laughs, shouts, babbles, kicks and even tries to somersault from within.

2:30 AM: Kid laughs, shouts, babbles, kicks and even tries to somersault from within.

I lose my patience once and for all, stop rocking the cradle and place baby D on the floor, around a pool of toys. He continues to play.

3:00 AM: I still love my child to the moon and back. But the sleep-induced ire is still growing in me, desperately longing to strangulate someone (preferably an anonymous adult), steal their sleep (and peace) for an hour or two, in exchange of nothing (because, you know, all I have right now is a bucket full of agony!!).

4:30 AM: Baby D, after letting out a mellifluous squeal, curls like an S in the cutest way possible and drifts back to sleep. I pick him up, hug him to my heart and walk towards the bed, throwing aside the Minion I have been tugging tight for hours.

The ruthlessly strangulated Minion falls down with a soft thud and continues to smile,

Most often the baby, sometimes the mom,

They stab me and throw,

Yet I do them no harm.

Most often I wonder,

I wonder and smile,

I hold no grudge, take no strife,

The name is Minion,

Who chooses to love all my life!

Message to self: Be like Minion!

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  1. Kids can be as recalcitrant as adults when it comes to sleep. Or is it sleep that is recalcitrant. Either way it is the mother who remains sleep deprived. This too will pass.

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    1. “This too will pass!”, I have been hearing this convincing piece of consolation for over an year now . The sleep cycle hasn’t yet changed in my favor (despite my countless attempts to set things right), but my perspective has. These days I simply go with the flow of life, with a little assistance from stress busters like chai, books and minion! ๐Ÿ˜€ That doesn’t mean I find it easy to manage. *eyes droop further*, *tongue jumps out of the mouth* MOTHERHOOD IS SO FAR THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I’VE EVER FACED IN LIFE! The problem is that kids are too sweet to be strangled and too dependent to be blamed so we gotta find a way (numerous ways) to vent out our parental frustrations to save ourselves from reacting to the child. Yes?


      1. I am sure you have been told many a times before, adjust your sleep around your baby. That apart wait for baby to grow up. There will be different problems. Nursery admission, 10th and 12th grade, JE, college educaiton, and marriage. Then cycle will restart. Now go to sleep.

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  2. First things first, you bring forth all the feelings in such raw form and balance that I am sure many new moms or going to be moms would be feeling ready and encouraged for the job. Everything you do has its set of challenges but keeping a positive outlook and inspiring others is what matters the most.
    Highlights for me
    “My eyelids droop and eyes wane like an unattractive moon.”
    and obviously the poem. Your posts are so relaxing to read and always leave a reader with wide smiles ๐Ÿ˜€ .

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    1. A big Thank You for every good thing you said here. I’m not sure if you mentioned the word ‘job’ intentionally, I find your generous nature of acknowledging motherhood as a job, heartwarming. It’s indeed a job, an inescapable duty where we strive hard to do our best every day of every week, our efforts seek no monetary rewards in return (although sometimes I hope if the husband could consider surprising me with a cheque leaf or something ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But we do reap our benefits then and there. Unexpected hugs and saliva-enriched smooches make the rollercoaster ride of motherhood worth living!


      1. Hahahhaha… so very true. Bringing up a child, looking after someone unwell and taking care of the house are as much full time jobs as we office goers consider ours. You are correct, with no monetary benefits but on the spot and much more satisfying rewards ๐Ÿ™‚ .
        We do not have a child yet so can’t really enjoy those moments but only dream of. Your anecdotes and descriptions help us imagine the moments of joy and warmth (and we know they are tyring ๐Ÿ˜› ).

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