Snippet #6 Vanity Fire

The flavor of the day (and this post) is vanity. Should I continue to pen down my transient narcissistic personality or not? Beats me, I’m going to. 😀


A college friend of mine who was also my roommate for a while in Chennai pinged me after a God-only-knows-how-long gap. She is just like me, we shy away from initiating a conversation with a long-lost friend, I know her nature pretty well. So when her name popped up in Whatsapp, I was pleasantly startled (to put it mildly). Between the usually insignificant fraction of seconds between the notification of a message and the tap that opens it, I semi-consciously travelled down the memory lane recalling my life before marriage. The glorious phase of my career was meant to take a pause because we couldn’t work out our marriage otherwise. All in all, no regrets. But it’s definitely a historical sea of blissful memories the period between 2012 and 2016 holds in store for me.

As I opened her message (let’s call her J. Ouch! We cannot call her so because there’s another girl with the same code name in college and I don’t want my college mates (hello there :’) ) to misinterpret the person), the flavor of the day got almost finalised in my mind. This friend with whom I lost touch in the name of family commitments is back on my mobile screen to make my dull day a little brighter by appreciating one of my posts. She even told me that she reads this particular post so often whenever she takes a break from work. The feedback seemed so genuine and instantly made me feel good about myself. I do have a handful of anonymous followers who give me a warm pat with words every now and then to fuel my passion everyday. But this is the first time I am hearing from a college friend and my reply was a formal “Wow, thanks, I’m glad you loved it!” to her which didn’t even communicate a 20% of how I actually felt about her words (the inadequate message was deliberately typed I didn’t want her to judge me for being narcissistic. Wait, now you are not judging me, are you?). Emojis! I should have atleast added a dozen of them. Sigh!


After breakfast, DING! Whatsapp vibrates my phone again (spoiler alert: the message added fuel to the vanity fire!), this time carrying a truck full of paragraphs from a maternal uncle of mine. Uncle V and I shared more of a mentor-mentee bond when I was working, though we are closely knit by blood. After I quit my job, we rarely spoke but never failed to wish each other’s families on auspicious occasions.

Uncle V is a techie who is admired by our family for his determination and honesty. Plus, he motivates and appreciates me more than any other uncles do. So, when his name popped up on screen I was expecting something good and positive already, but I never guessed it’d be about the blaaaaaawgghh! Yes fellas, Uncle V actually read my blaaaaaawgghLaddoo 1…!! And appreciated too – Laddoo 2…!! To convey my happiness in IT slang, it’s like getting an A band and H1B Visa stamped on the same day, if you know what I mean 😀


The day was coming to a close, good God, but the intensity of my vanity fire only grew higher and higher *intensifies the narcissistic tone*, thanks to the phone call from Uncle S (Dr.S, to be precise, as he’s a Surgeon by profession). He is the dad of one of the friends of Dr.H and is known for his impressive ideologies. He boldly calls a spade a spade, with not a bit of hesitation, no matter how raw it gets. If he gives a bad opinion on something, one shall conveniently understand that it’s really really bad. For example, once when he joined us for lunch, the cabbage thoran I made backfired badly (my weakness being sprinkling excess salt and sweet on dishes). Uncle S called it a downright disaster, right to my face, not like the way our exasperated moms do but more like a dad who tries to encourage us via constructive criticism. May the cabbage episode rest in peace from now.

So, I attended the call. After the formal exchange of hellos and a back to back how are you? I’m fine, Uncle asked for Dr.H as he couldn’t reach him on his number. I was about to connect their calls when all of a sudden, Uncle S started a conversation about my last post. His choice of words gave me an inkling that he actually liked reading it. I confirmed it when he finally ended the statement with a ‘good‘! It wasn’t like the good you use to describe something as “Not bad, good“, but more like the good you use when you see your child eat finally right.

Thankfully, my house is still in a dramatically chaotic state, I don’t remember the time when everything was normal. I say thankfully because the mess in my life and kitchen is real and strong enough to keep me and the vanity fire under check. God bless motherhood!

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  1. I loved reading this article, your fast and funny style had me gripped to the end. Being a mum and one of a large family, I could relate to your story. I look forward to reading more on your site, as there is plenty to be entertained by.

    I noticed that you recently stopped to follow my blog, that means the world to me, thank you 🧡

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