Two Kids, One Mom And A Messy Home.

Uff! The longest day is finally over (I believe). Dr.H has been running back and forth our home and his hospital for the past few days and looks more or less like a possessed person masked under the doctory outfits. The week ahead is also going to be equally hectic like the present one, so I asked one of my parents (read: Mom) to pitch in so that I escape frequent moments of lucidity in parenting. Guess who knocked the door this time? It isn’t mom, but my dad who has decided to co-parent baby D for the upcoming week. It’s just day 1 and all hell has broken loose already :D.

Having my dad and baby D in the same room is like nannying two children under one roof, where both would ruthlessly compete with each other to get on my nerves. Needless to say, my usual slapdash performance in the kitchen gets worse when dad shows up, as he requests (demands) his meals on time. He imposes a stringent military kinda regime onto his supposedly unimportant schedule and expects us (me) to go by the same when he visits us. His way of living is totally different from the YouTube-inflicted lifestyle my family follows and since I’m the one who acts as a bridge between these people of unrelated eras, the sacrilege of riling back at my utterly under-aged and gracefully over-aged babies would always seem like the most convenient way of bringing things under control, except that I won’t! Because angst never works on them.

I’ve never seen my dad spending quality time with kids in the past two decades of my life. He rarely interacted with baby D before he learnt to stand on his own. Though not often, there were times when I had felt bad about it. My FIL is an exact opposite of my dad – he has a natural affinity and empathy for kids. He easily gets along with baby D though our meetings are infrequent. My dad on the other hand, doesn’t even know to hold the baby right or make them giggle or coo.

Today, something unexpected happened. While I was busy in the kitchen dicing onions, I heard my dad crooning to baby D in the kindest voice that I’ve unheard of. My dad isn’t the playpeek-a-boo-and-tickle-tickle-laugh kinda grandparent you see as an example in books. So today’s transformation came as a surprise to me. No wonder why they say sixties transmogrify men into innocent children. Anyways, the house turned topsy-turvy and super noisy as the generation gap began to narrow down in a welcoming manner. I did get a migraine but the overall positive vibes made me survive the pain.

I bluntly utter que sera sera whenever one of them (which eventually provokes the other) tries to spoil the serene shebang of my household. They have their own problems – the adult kid has a persisting heart ailment and is on high-dose medication, while baby D has been suffering from seasonal cough for the past few days and is also on medication (a medium dose of orange flavored cough syrup) which sets him on occasional mood swings and drowsiness especially when I am around. You know what I mean. I can’t help but gush about how that makes me feel. Of course, I want him to recover soon, but all the extra attention and bear hugs he demands during his sickness makes me want to sacrifice every single pleasure of mine just to make him feel a little warmer in my arms. He is also getting along with his grandpa now which again is a rare sight to cherish.

The tenderness and extra efforts that emerge out of us when one (or more than one) of our family members fall sick glues us further and makes the relationship more meaningful. I never expected my dad to drop by this soon, when I called for support. Though his self-laid military schedule annoys me, I cannot disagree the sweet truth that I always look forward to spending time with him, even though it takes a great deal of patience and energy in return. Right now, all I asked for is this and I’m bestowed with the same in no time.

I have a firm belief that someone would always pop up out of nowhere to help me when I am in distress, not necessarily a family member like I have for today, but a friend or a friend of friend or sometimes even the mom of a friend, which is such a blessing, I’d say. My thirties are not far away but my forties are definitely in a decent distance from where I stand, however I already feel like I’m on a mid-life crisis with too much to worry about. The graph of problems grow only higher and higher with time, we lose people, we gain people, we cry, we try, we fail, sometimes with a great push from within we stand up, only to miserably fail again. But then there are better days too to keep our hopes alive and up. So is the parenting journey. Most of the days test our patience and strength to the core, but there are easier days too. The key is to just keep swimming and eventually enjoy the fun part that comes with it.

I always tell myself this, “Experiencing the toughest days are necessary because only with hardships, one can taste the real sweetness of better days in life”. The quote is too philosophical but it is so soothing to read and is worth etching in heart, if the journey you undertake towards a bigger goal poses more hurdles and disappointments every now and then. I’m grateful for every subtle blessing I receive from people around, their mere presence itself means a lot to me and does the necessary soul-healing I pray for.

Did you count your blessings today?

What are you thankful for?

Who made you feel better today?

Share with me, a piece of your heart. I’m all ears! πŸ™‚

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  1. As always enjoyed reading it Divya. Good wishes to baby D. hope his cold and cough gone by now. Just give them a little time and I am sure grandpa and baby D will rock together. counting the blessings…. if we develop a habit to do so I am sure we all have daily dozes of those blessings in our life. Some times it might be seemingly very small ones but nonetheless they are there.
    Mine today was when a neighbour came to me asking me to accompany her to bank etc to streamline her financial matters, pension, investments after death of her husband. She had never handled these matters till her husband was there and she kept all the documents and papers before me. Her trust on me made me feel blessed. My heart is full of gratitude towards God that people around me have faith on my integrity and honesty.

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  2. Thank for your loving words dear.
    And thanks again for sharing a moment from your day. I see the trust your neighbor has in you. I also see more – you are trusted because I believe you might have always proved to her in the past days (or years) your ability of understanding others and putting their needs before yours. It’s so nice of you to feel happy that you could be there for someone who is utterly helpless all of a sudden. God bless you and your family for the selfless deeds to do. And I wish and hope you remain the same even if the world gets more cruel and immoral in future. πŸ™‚


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  4. Mid-way through the post I realized how much I enjoy reading this stuff ignorant to the fact however long it may be. I never wanted it to cease and was looking ahead to more anecdotes and adventures you have got to share πŸ™‚ . I strongly agree that 60s bring in some weird and welcome changes in people and hats off to you for being the patient hard task master… lol.
    Did you count your blessings today?
    How do you do that πŸ˜› !

    What are you thankful for?
    Good health and smiles.

    Who made you feel better today?
    Everyone around.

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  5. Loved it!!!! As always!!;
    I enjoyed reading this post so much!!! and I did count on my blessings!!!
    Considering the Grandpa topic, my two kids are blessed with two great Grandpas!!!!
    They are there for them always.
    The paternal one who is so particular about their health and tidiness!!! and the maternal one who’s arrival is a celebration for the elder one the younger one being too small to understand!!!
    My mother left the world when I was 20…but then few years later my better half came along with his mother and guess what?! I got my mother back!!!!
    His parents are supporting and helping me so much!!!
    Being a mother of two the greatest blessing I have is that our family friend who lives just two houses apart happens to be one of the most experienced Paediatrician in town!!!! What more can I ask for?!😁
    Still at times I do worry about my career🀦…
    Shouldn’t I be kicked on my rear??!!!
    Thank you so much because I did count on my blessings after reading your postπŸ€—


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