Snippet #3 Meet Dr.Google

Meet Dr.Google who is prompt and nice,

He listens so well and acts too wise.

Greet Dr.Google who says things straight,

Never let him coddle, he’s not always right.

Rich Dr.Google who treats your fever for free,

All he needs is Wifi, to be on check-up spree.

Thanks Dr.Google, I find remedies at home,

Don’t want another doctor, I am too lazy to roam.

Oh Dr.Google, why did you just say,

That my aching tum requires an urgent X-ray?

Before Dr.Google, I could sit and think,

You diagnosed much more, roughly in a blink.

Soon Dr.Google, asked if I could fart,

“Yes yes, I can”, quickly I retort.

Then Dr.Google continued to ask,

“Fever? Headache? Cramps? Or any signs of Lask?”

No, yes, yes, yes,

I marked my options thus.

Preset Dr.Google typed back in a hurry,

“Tumor in your tum, but don’t you dare worry.”

But Dr.Google, are you SO sure?

Cos, with another fart, my tumor found its cure.

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