Monthly Favorites – July 2018

Before you could squeeze my throat and question me for the overdue (for which I have no strong reason to say, except erm.. laziness?), let me apologise for posting this so late. But not too late, you gotta appreciate me for that. In addition to the Big Birthday, I’ve an intriguing assortment of July-made incidents in hand. Are you ready to read?

1. Steady Stats

It’s during the month of July, I intensified my writing and added more articles to this blog. I was initially hesitant about sharing my own piece of work in my friends circle for two reasons: Fear of being ridiculed and fear of being ignored. The stats went up only on the day I published an article, with a spoonful of likes that kept my mind sweetened only for a day or two. Last month, I was in real need for a genuine review from people I personally knew, so I shared the link of one of my favorite articles to a Whatsapp group I’m in. It’s a tiny group of four like-minded college friends whose way of living became interestingly different from one another from the day we left our college campus. I’m the only woman with a child to look after, there’s another friend who’s super-smart and married (ironic, I know), the other two girls (I’ll not call them women, unless they learn to cook their own breakfast or stay home on a weekend) live in different states now, enjoying their single statuses.The only common thing that keeps our group alive is our unconditional love for words in any form. We never hesitate to widen our eyes like a slow loris and drop our jaws like you drop yours for the last over of a cricket match, to acknowledge and appreciate good books and bloggers. While at the same time, these three friends of mine are skilled, confident and bold enough to give constructive feedback to any masterpiece that has a mix of articles, verbs and adjectives. Fast forwarding to that particular day, after I had shared the link, they frowned at me for not letting them know any sooner, but wowed after reading the post (Any guess which post could I have sent them?) Their reaction delighted the writer in me, my ego and confidence boosted up and in no time, I started sharing the blog’s link to all my friends. It all happened in July and in the middle of the month, after adding more posts, my stats began to rise steadily with its chin held up. 1200 unique visitors have visited this blog last month and the count is increasing day by day. The whole credit goes to you, dear readers, for motivating me whenever I submit an article before you. It’s only with ardent supporters around, one can happily go behind their passion.

2. Drizzling weather

I have an extra love for July over other months, because of its appealing weather. Unlike Dr.H who complains the rainy days for being a cruel time-stealer, mood-killer and productivity-sucker, I work best when it rains outside. It gingers me up and makes me write more. Drizzling balcony, a cup of chai and a good book (I often preferred Jane Eyre) was all I needed to live my kinda perfect day, when I was a kid. Most of our school days were rain-filled, our shoes were always dirty. Except the shoes of Dr.H, they were always too polished that one would mistake it for the skin of a black eel. Never thought I’d end up marrying this funny, man-child who once appeared to be a serious and taciturn personality when we studied together. Gee, I feel july-kissed yet again this month as I try to recall the old times. That’s the effect, good weather (bad weather, if you hate rainy days) has in me. Here’s to the nostalgic past!

3. The Toddler phase

Baby D’s real toddler phase commenced towards the end of this July. Much to my surprise, it’s getting easier for me to look after him. The sleep cycle is favorable now, or let’s say I’m accustomed to any pattern he picks these days. This is so far the most enjoyable phase in my journey, with baby D exploring the world on his own and not depending on us for anything other than the basic needs.

However, kid now licks the floor a lot. After trying n number of ways to make him get rid of the habit, we gradually but most unwillingly surrendered to his tantrums and let him taste whatever he sees or picks, unless it is tagged detrimental in our parenting books. Who are we? We are the world’s coolest parents! Well, atleast until the world sees him grabbing an earthworm. In that case, we’ll start some serious policing again. Having a toddler at home is more fun than having a small baby. No more mundane chores like burping, pumping or poo counting hereafter. If you are the mom of a toddler, do enjoy the phase while it lasts.

4. The circle expands

Thanks to this blog, it has opened up new opportunities to track back my old friends, meet new mommies, discover the unexplored writing techniques and most importantly, this is now my own, cosy and luxurious, happy place where I can honestly confide and reflect my emotions anytime.

What are your July favorites? Please let me know in the comments section. 🙂

Special thanks to Unsplash for the free pics.

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