A Letter To My Son

To the apple of my eye…

My dearmost son, You are 1 year old right now, so am I, as a mother.

The bond we share is special, it strengthens its hold upon us, a little more than the previous day.

I am perfectly imperfect just like every other first time mom, which sounds fine, but I wish I hadn’t learnt that in a hard way.

Now that you are growing up faster than you ever did, I am writing this letter right away, before the world persuades you to tune to its perception.

Stay selfish

Dear Son, it is important to stay selfish to live an exceptional life in this cruel world. You cannot be successful otherwise.

The key to remain selfish is to be altruistic in every action you undertake. Ironic?

Being selfless is the most selfish deed in the world. The more good deeds you do to others, the more blessings you get in return. Blessings never travel empty-handed, they bring along with them a big bundle of positive vibes that will help you achieve greatness and find an everlasting happiness in life. Stay selfish!

Say No often

Booze? Say No.

Money-grubbing friends? Say No.

A threat to your self-esteem? Say No.

Freebies? Say No.

It is only when you say No often, you can focus on the people and things that really matter in life.

Remember dear son, learning to say No to unworthy relationships and futile opportunities is crucial in climbing the ladder of success. Saying Yes too much will only give you an image of a namby-pamby and lower your standards, whereas being assertive adds more value to your existence. Therefore, say No often.

Stay foolish

Son, no matter how hard you try, you can never be the wisest person on earth. There’s always another human who is going to break your record or beat your score.

But boy, you can always be wiser. There’s a difference. The secret of becoming wiser and sharper day by day is to stay foolish and constantly look for issues to make a difference on, and not being afraid of failing or being ridiculed for it.

Staying foolish saves you from the danger of being over-confident about your capabilities and in addition provides more challenges for you to work on. Never stop learning and always look out for the next big step in life. Stay foolish.

Be a mediocre

The life of a mediocre is often underrated. It’s totally okay, son, if you lead a mediocre life, as long as you have a sound mind, healthy body, loving family, loyal friends and a job that perfectly reflects and rewards your talents.

As a parent, I will never be proud if you run behind the riches or negatively influence the commoners for your personal growth. Always leave an inspiring impression to the next generation, dear son.

Let not the flux boards talk about you. They take you nowhere. Respect mother nature, plant trees and make the world, a better place to dwell. Be a mediocre and live the life of a minimalist.

Prioritise the beautiful people

Always, always give more importance to the beautiful people than the ugly ones, dear son. Surround yourself with the most beautiful human beings every time.

By beauty, I do not mean the facial features or any physical factor that represents a person externally. They are only skin deep. A person’s real beauty is immeasurable in terms of their physical appearance.

True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others ~ Alek Wek

With respect to the above quote, I hope you continue to look truly beautiful in the eyes of everyone you meet.

Have enemies

I repeat, my son. Have enemies in every phase of life. It’s still better and safer than having a fake friend.

Enemies never hesitate to insult or embarrass you, when you lose the game. They do not make you feel great or pleasant at any point, but their mere presence in your life can push your limits higher. Have more enemies, dear son.

Because that’s how life works. The harder it gets, the better you become.

Thank you, Unsplash for the beautiful images.

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