The Different Types Of Moms Around Us

Every mom is different, so is their lifestyle. Even no two stay-at-home mommas have a similar routine, there are so many factors that influence each mom to be unique in parenting their kids. However, this post lists down certain characteristics of mothers in general, that are sure to remind you of atleast a couple of moms in your circle.

10. The Forever Breastfeeding Mom:


Almost all of us know the fabulous benefits of breastfeeding a newborn up to few months to an year or two. There are moms who religiously breastfeed their baby till the next offspring comes out of the womb. They are diligently persistent in supplementing their love in the form of breastfeeding, no matter how old the baby gets. For them, breastfeeding is a cure for every ailment and they never hesitate to promote the same practice among other mommies in their circle. Though most of the moms in this category are harmless, there are few who ruthlessly judge other moms who cannot breastfeed their babies for some reasons.

9. The Complaining Mom:


The lives of these moms aren’t actually as grim as they think. But they rarely vent out their occasional frustration about family and kids, the complaints slowly pile up into a huge blob of fury that dissipates and sometimes explodes without caution, whenever they are understandingly pampered by their mom friends. This community is constantly found living in a world of guilt once they are done filing their complaints to people around. These mommies easily get better when they open up to other moms but their nature to complain about everything might infect and spoil the good mood of others.

8. The Single Mom:

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I am a proud friend of several single moms, who excel at parenting their kids to perfection. There is always a lot to learn from them, not to mention their struggle to live like a super-human and give the best ( sometimes, double the best ) to their little ones.

7. The Momster Mom:


Now before you get a preconceived notion that these momster moms are not fit to be moms at all, let me tell you they love their kids as much as we love ours. May be more, who knows! Factors like sleep deprivation, loneliness, exhaustion and lack of moral support could have possibly turned them into a momster. They deserve to be empathized and loved and if you have a momster mommy in your friends circle, it’s high-time you should pitch in and help her regain the sanity she had lost to intense child-rearing.

6. The Fit Mom:


Moms who stay fit have a sound mind and body, the only extras they have inside are endorphins. No fat, their postpartum belly is just plain and flat. Their confidence is contagious and they positively influence their mom friends to jog and stay fit. They do not even mind a bit to offer help to get you back into shape. If you do not have a fit mom around yet, be one and bring sunshine into your life and eventually into everyone else’s too.

5. The Organic Mom:


These moms are avid researchers who claim to have deeper insight on every grain of food and ounce of liquid they consume on a daily basis. Their Facebook posts always contain terms like BPA, processed, pesticides, home-grown, sugar, carcinogenic, green and organic. They draw their little one’s diet chart so carefully and avoid anything that is not home-made, keeping in mind the possible side-effects of canned drinks and processed baby foods.

4. The Traveler Mom:


Traveler moms are sassy ones that are often found online posting pictures about their onshore trips where they pose like they are still happy and peaceful after having kids. 50% of their mom friends instantly feel energized, pack bags in no time and plan a similar vacation with their little ones, while the other 50% zoom the same pictures in and out, envy and allow it to disturb their whole night’s sleep and begin to find faults with their own lives.

3. The Flashy Mom:


There is atleast one flashy mom in every circle, who pretty much summarizes each aspect of their child’s growth in every social gathering they participate. They intend to belittle other moms just to seek better recognition in the group. Flashy moms are exceptionally talented in humble-bragging even about the trivial matters like their kid’s fifth tooth, ability to poop and tell me what not. They give less damn about what others really think about them and are keen in establishing their child’s milestones and talents amidst others. There is a high chance that they can tamper the confidence level of other parents to boost their own, so avoiding their company is a better option.

2. The Know-it-all Mom:

know mom

Most of the lazy moms belong to this category. Their lives are fortunately much simpler than the other moms. To seek attention and simultaneously kill time, these moms send daft bits of forwarded messages to the weaker moms, only to thwart them further (although unintentionally). They feel so accomplished when they forward a 2 hour video on making a green juice to two thousand moms in their contact list. There are certain things that these know-it-all moms really know. They are aware of easy home remedies to get rid of baby’s cough and health tips to lose postpartum weight. They would happily dispense the details out in the form of text or voice calls, the free service just depends on their disposition.

1. The Smart Mom:


These moms are not just smart, they are inherently wise too. They may or may not have a mile-long degree behind their names but are educated enough to prioritize teaching their children about love and empathy. Smart moms are kind and never play with the insecurities of other moms. They balance their family life and career in an amazing manner. When broken, smart moms never hesitate to seek help from friends and family members. A smart mom doesn’t grow alone, she makes use of every opportunity to enlighten other moms she knows so that the entire world gets lifted up. Smart moms may not have the perfect kids but they whole-heartedly accept them for who they are and bring the best out of what their children are good at.

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