Writer’s Block

My little one has outgrown the baby phase already. I’m pleasantly startled by the day-to-day changes in his social and cognitive development. I enjoy watching baby D explore the world on his own pair of curious feet, he can now toddle with a little support from steadily-standing furniture or people.

Blogworthy incidents happen here at home on an hourly basis, alerting me to consciously observe the cause and flow of such events like a news-thirsty journalist. My under-utilised puny brain which doesn’t like to become a vestigial organ before sixties, tries to stay sane and proactive. Attempts after attempts and at some point I realised I was unable to jot down incidents even in the easiest form of documentation. I couldn’t accentuate even a sentence out of the brewing cauldron of last week’s memories, the blank page still stays blank. I know what I am suffering from – Writer’s Block, it is. So, until the sickness leaves on its own, I will choose to remain just mum!!! (pun intended).

Featured image: Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

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    1. Will do. I just went through one of your posts where you wrote about overcoming the Writer’s Block. I like your idea of watching a mind-numbing movie, taking a break and not making a big fuss about it. I’m going to give it a try!

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  1. Your cuteee little one will motivate you .😊
    I believe, the solution of writer’s block is – lots of reading and you will start talking to your imaginary characters , those who have stopped talking to you automatically .


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