Graco Baby Walker India – Review

Baby D has been using the Graco sit-in baby walker for nearly two months now. Among all the baby gear we own, this one is our current life-saver. The old chum (and my all time favorite) Fisher Price – Infant to Toddler Rocker has taken the back seat, handing over the nanny responsibility to this amazing baby walker.

Dr.H and I had did not really plan to buy a sit-in walker for baby D, after we got to know the controversial statements regarding its impact on baby’s ability to walk. Most of the established websites and blogs advise against the use of baby walkers. We had to arbitrate and know what, we went ahead and bought one, albeit the entire world stood against our decision. Our apple pie did not crawl even after completing 10 months, instead he frequently attempted to grip onto something (furniture, people, carton boxes) and stand up. So we thought a walker would be all he needed. And we have never been this right in predicting his needs 🙂


We settled for Graco‘s walker after reading the specifications and reviews of every brand available online in India. When compared to other brands, Graco seems to fix sky-high price for its products, especially in our country. Should you still go for it? Yes. Would you regret it? No. It’s like, Once Graco, Always Graco!! The quality is THAT impeccable. We bought the Benny and Bell Off-white walker (exactly the one shown in the picture) for over 8K bucks. The price of the same product has significantly dropped now in Amazon.(Click the hyperlink to find the deals)

The easy-to-assemble Graco sit-in walker has a plastic body that is tough and not at all pliable. Its machine-washable seat is made up of fine cloth material, the one that is not uncomfortable for the baby’s body. The play-tray in front of the walker is worth mentioning. It is not primary-hued like the traditional engaging toys but intricate (from the baby’s perspective) and interesting enough to keep the little one occupied, if at all they are done walking around the room.

I’m one of those mothers who seriously dislikes high-pitched musical baby toys. Before receiving the product, my only concern was the sound that would come along with it. Graco did not disappoint me in that aspect too. The music that comes from the play-tray is mellifluous and definitely not noisy. The volume is good enough to make the baby happy and low enough not to annoy the parents. A treat, I’d say.

Now, about the safety of the product. In my case, when I introduced the sit-in walker to my bub, he knew only to stand properly. The entire learning-to-walk phase began only after that. The walker has a surprisingly good grip to ensure the baby doesn’t move too fast or lose control. However, for a baby who is already a pro in walking, this may not be guaranteed. It does come with a warning that the baby in the walker should not be left unattended. The seat is cushioned all around so that even if the baby vigorously pushes towards the front with their chest, safety is assured.

What makes this expensive item worth buying is its anti-skid design. The wheels do not run crazy even when pushed towards the staircase. We literally tested it (without the baby, obviously) and loved what we saw. The entire unit stood firm against the mild to medium pressure we applied from behind. This seemingly fool-proof mechanism prevents major accidents that are caused by the usual sit-in walkers. If you have plans to buy a walker for your baby, I highly recommend this brand!

Mommy’s rating : ✯✯✯✯✯

Note: No matter how safe the mechanism is, it is always a must to keep an eye on the baby when placed inside the sit-in walker. 

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