Amazing Gift Ideas For New Moms

Well, You have probably landed here desperately hoping to get a tip or two about getting the new mom a great gift. First of all, I appreciate your efforts in trying to find the best gift for the new mommy. There are tons of things she would be in need of, immediately after giving birth to the baby.

When the whole world offers the baby a lot of brand new onesies and baby products, you are about to take the less explored road and surprise the mommy with a gift that’s exclusively for her to celebrate motherhood. Here are some ideas that will help you find a perfect gift:

Maternity kurta and Nursing Wear

Let me not beat around the bush. A woman’s body goes through a myriad of changes from conception to delivering the baby. Once perfectly flat tummy then changes into an inflated baby belly and in no time after giving birth becomes a completely disfigured mass of wrinkled skin in between the swollen boobs and stitched piece of skin. We know this metamorphosis is supposed to be enjoyed but here is the bitter truth – not every time women enjoy looking at it. Their pre-pregnancy clothes are too small to wear and third trimester clothes are probably too loose. Therefore, presenting a good-looking, comfortable, fit-right dress would be all they need. Make sure the dress you gift her is breastfeeding-friendly.

Gift cards

If your new-mom buddy is like Rachel from Friends who exchanges almost every thoughtful gift she gets, you gotta stop buying a goodie. Instead, surprise her with what she actually wants – gift coupons from Amazon, Flipkart or similar online shopping portals. A true feast to the shopaholic in her!

Spa booking/coupons

Aching back, sleep-deprived eyes and exhausted mind – this is how a new mommy describes herself till the baby turns one. What would be the ideal gift that’d rejuvenate her as a whole? You got it – A full body spa treatment. In my opinion, this is one of the best ideas to help the new mom take a break from the stressful routine she’s currently on. If you are kind enough to opt for this gift, do choose a spa therapist who is experienced and renowned in your place. This will make her spa-day more fun and enjoyable.

Diaper bag

The classic and formal gift idea. With the advent of online shopping, you have countless varieties to choose from and not settle for the old-fashioned polka-dotted bag that looks like it might have been passed down by her great-granny. A gender-neutral color would be good so that it can be reused as needed. The bag has to be light-weight, spacious, posh, tote-like, yet slim with subtle pockets and partitions.

Breast pump

If the new-mom is biologically related to you or is your long-term close friend who wouldn’t mind receiving an informal gift from you, go for this. There are budget breast-pumps available in market but the expensive breast pumps from brands like Medela and Philips are the ones that have the maximum genuinely positive reviews online. There are manual and electric pumps available in these brands in varying prices. Depending on the budget, you can settle for one. Tip: Before you buy, don’t forget to ask if this would be useful for her, because most Indian moms (even now) do not prefer one as much as foreigners do.

Shapewear/tummy belt

Trust me, if you are her best friend and the breast pump idea did not work out, this gift will be a sure-hit. Shape wears come in a variety of sizes, so confirm the needed size before you buy one. An intimate plus essential gift, this one would help her bring back the lost charm in her body. If not immediately, it is expected to be put in use after a month or two. No wonder if she says you are responsible for her back-to-flat shape on her baby’s first birthday 🙂

Baby monitor

Yet another trending baby-shower and postpartum gift of this century, baby monitors are one of the most cherished gifts of new parents, especially the ones who live look after their baby with minimal or no support from others. This gift can never back-fire your expectations in hearing a heartwarming feedback in turn.

Health drinks

If you already a parent, I know you won’t underrate this option. Health drinks, especially the ones that are customized for new mothers are charged exorbitant prices. A great deal of money is invested by daddies for minimum three months and if you could contribute a fair share, it might help them cut down their monthly expense to a noticeable extent.

In case the mother is not breastfeeding the baby and is offering formula milk, consider sponsoring the formula packs instead of health drinks which would be equally helpful.

Comfy Pajamas

Pretty apparent, isn’t it? She is expected to be indoors most of the time, especially during the first few months of delivering the little one. Make her fall in love with this phase of life by gifting some (not just one, if you want to make it worthy) fancy pajamas made of skin-friendly material and vibrant colors. A wide range of nursing pajamas are available in market – frilled, zipped, gown-like and what not!! When there is not much time to get dolled up, just wearing a fresh-smelling pajama could make a mommy’s day A LOT better.

Baby record book

Well, this can be a thoughtful gift if you do li’l bit of ground work to get them exactly what they like. Here are some tips to get you the baby record book that suits them better:


Follow the blue-for-boys, pink-for-girls rule. A mishap would make the gift undesirable. It is safe to opt for gender-neutral colors.

Not religiously biased

Fortunately, most baby record books are not so but do give it a quick check before you proceed to the counter.


Knowing the preference of the couple helps in deciding the depth of the book. The contents should be neither too demanding nor too plain.


Last but important thing to notice is the life of the book – make sure the quality is top-notch and stands the test of time.

Parenting books

This suggestion is valid only if the new parent is a bibliophile and loves to add ideas to their novice-parental brains. Forums and e-books are most sought these days, yet classic parenting books still has an upper hand in offering precise guidance to the confused parents. My personal favorite is “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” and I strongly recommend you to buy the same.

Makeup kit

No, I’m not being irrelevant. Just because she is in pajamas and pony tail all day doesn’t mean she would not need this. With too many meltdowns and mood swings happening within, a makeup kit would be an excellent way to distract her from the harsh blows of postpartum and rekindle her glorious looks altogether.


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