Baby D’s Debut

The best part of a woman’s life is to experience motherhood. In this post, I am going to share my first labor experience, the birth of baby D and everything I could remember about that special day!! Of course, I am going to dedicate this post to baby D himself 👶

My 38th week was about to end and I already began experiencing stomach cramps. Being a FTM, even a slight onset of pain, anywhere in the body, always put me into panic mode. I was in my mom’s place and Dr.H visited frequently.

It was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday. I had the cramps occasionally. Dr.H already assured me that some women experience such pain,long before the onset of labor – like before few weeks. I did not like the truth. I wanted to have the baby soon. It was 39w 0d and according to me, I was already due. I wanted the wait to be over. We went to hospital and I was admitted. Staying in the hospital and expecting the due date is the worst of all combinations. The cramps remained for two more days. Trust me, those two days were the longest days of my life.

On Saturday morning, I did the usual walking. My body was over-used to the usual walking pace that I wasn’t tired in the end. So I began jogging. Around 12pm, I had mild stomach pain and jogged back to the labor ward. This time, it was the real onset of labor.

There was no other pregnant women in the ward. So it was just me and I had all the nurses around. With less duties to do, they seemed so relaxed and were chit-chatting with each other. From that I understood that I was not going to deliver the baby soon. But, the unexpected happened, My water broke and I could actually feel the baby wiggling its way out.

It was so painful to handle. I’m sure no woman can handle that pain by keeping their mouth shut. The pain doesn’t last, but comes and goes. Whenever the pain subsided, I closed my mouth and saved energy. This is the only thing that Dr.H repeatedly told me while leaving home. “Never shout when you are not in pain!”.

By 12:30pm, I had the urge to push. When I told the nurses about it, they said it was too early. According to them, it would take another 4 hours for the real labor pain to commence. “What the duck?!” Should I cry aloud? Did I not shout like the other women do? I was confused amidst the pain 😓😕

My eyes began to blur and I shouted at the nurses to call the doctor. Never did I wait for the doctor, but started pushing hard. It was such a relief to push. My doctor arrived in no time and the nurses took me to another room. There was a table with a hole in one end. I have seen this thing in my Dr.H’s PHC, a couple of times. I was asked to lay down on the table and the doctor asked me to push harder. It was easier when I was in the bed. All the walking and shifting to this room had drained all my energy and I could only breathe. Yet, I pushed.

The final push was made at the expense of my entire energy. I can hardly complain about it because I received the best gift in return. 😊😊

Yes, the baby was out!!

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw him in the hands of my doc. His first cry marked the most beautiful moment of my life. Though I was there expecting a baby, seeing one after pushing seemed like a magic to me. He cried with his hands firm and fingers open. The doctor revealed the gender and asked me if I had names for him. I uttered ‘Dhanveeeeeeeeer’. Meanwhile, the episiotomy began and I cried in pain. Episiotomy, unlike labor pain, gives you no rewards in the end, hence unbearable.

Baby D was away from my sight and I was longing to look at him again and again. After cleaning up, the nurse brought him back to me. His first looks were so different from what I had imagined. He was all wrapped. I could only see his face. I thought the baby would look tired and sleepy, after all the efforts he had made in coming out of the womb. Surprisingly, baby D was wide awake with big, rolling eyes. I’m not sure if he could register anything in mind at that time, yet he appeared as if he was doing it. It was love at first sight for me❤

After the breastfeeding rituals(it did not go as expected, therefore I’m fast forwarding the scene), I was cleaned. Simultaneously, baby D was handed over to his dear daddy.

When I reached room, baby D was comfortably sleeping on his daddy’s lap. I had been dreaming about this, since I conceived the baby. Dr.H’s shirt, how he holds the baby etc. He was well aware of the priority I give to this moment that he wore the exact shirt I told him to wear. The scene of him holding the baby was divine.

So there we were. In the hospital room. As a family. With happy tears all over the faces. We welcomed baby D with a hug by sandwiching him amidst us. He was too busy sleeping and barely noticed being crushed.

As new parents, we were in an euphoric state. But deep side, the fear of responsibilities creeped in. Euphoria had an upper hand, though.

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  1. Congratulations! I love how you especially appreciated Daddy holding Baby. I felt such a huge sense of relief, protection and love when I first saw my husband hold our babies. ❤

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  2. Dear Divya ..
    I know this is your experience 11 months ( in July) back.

    And you shared a part of it (around aug – sep) to prepare me in bringing my LO into this world ( October)..

    This is the best and the most precious writing of yours to always remember how Dhanveer’s welcome was.. He indeed is a precious one favoured by God.

    I am so grateful to you for having prepared me which brought strength and confidence in me to face my day.

    Congratulations to this journey of yours!!!!
    And well done dear mommy for these 11 months of care and protection and… Above all the LOVE you and Dr.H gave to your bundle of JOY.

    May God give you strength and patience in leading your family the coming years…

    Prayers and wishes,

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    1. Hi Angel, you are one of the few genuinely affectionate people I know and I am glad I could render that li’l bit of mental support you needed during your pregnancy.
      Motherhood isn’t enjoyable to the fullest unless you seek immense guidance and support from friends and family.
      Thank you for the blessings. I heartily wish you the best days ahead with your kind family 🙂
      Do visit my space so that we can keep in touch.


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